Home Security & Safety System

Security & safety of home is everyone’s prime responsibility in our world and we sincerely work for achieving the same but still there may be few unexpected and unplanned circumstances which affect the security & safety of our dear ones & property.

Electronic home security & safety Alarm systems can help in feeling secure from external threats and reduces the risk or mis-happening from fire cooking Gas leakage etc by informing on time. Everyone wants to live in a free world and implementation of security systems in place will keep you free.

Home security & Safety solutions include- home security intrusion alarm system, video door phone for visitor identification and limited access, CCTV Security Cameras for 24 hour recording & monitoring, LPG Gas Detector and alarm devices, Wireless Fire Alarm System and Fire Extinguishers.


Home CCTV System (Security Camera)

CCTV system at homes is very useful from security point of view. The assets outside your house can also be secured with the help of security cameras.

Indoor & outdoor home security CCTV cameras are implemented with internet connectivity to your phone or computer for remote monitoring.

Home CCTV System is an important tool to secure elderly persons and infants at home. Due care can be taken through online monitoring, instruction scan be given.

Different types of CCTV cameras are available for home security, analog, ip based and AHD cameras are available to fulfill the customer’s security needs and we provide excellent after sales support for your security cameras.

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Home Security Intrusion Alarm System

Home Security Systems are becoming necessary to be installed in individual home and societies. Home intruder threats are limited by implementing the intrusion alarm system with right sensors and control panel.

The intrusion alarm system provides information to the home owner immediately through call and SMS about the threat and alarms the siren a high intensity to inform the society. Indoor and outdoor hooters are used to make the system more efficient.

The home intrusion alarm system is very user friendly. It has different modes which informs the panel about type of security required. If you are at home, you need to simply press “at home” button through remote and the PIR motion sensors will get deactivated for that area while others would be activated or in arm state.

The intrusion alarm system has many parts deepening upon the size of house, indoor and outdoor conditions and level of security required. General components of a home intrusion alarm system are main security panel, PIR motion sensors, remote control, panel power supply, door contact sensors, glass break sensors, indoor siren and outdoor siren with inbuilt GSM SIM card for calling on mobiles in case of intruder or threat detected. The programming of few mobile numbers is done for receiving the calls or SMS. The intrusion alarm status can be checked through use of mobile phone.

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Video Door Phone (VDP)

Most important point of security at your home is your main door. Your main door needs security with monitoring from the outside for identifying the outsiders or visitors before giving them access to your home.

Video door phone is implemented with a camera, microphone and speaker outside the main entrance. The outdoor VDP unit has a call button just like conventional door bells and it is connected to the indoor monitor. Pressing the bell will transmit video with voice to the indoor station and the person inside can talk by pressing a button on indoor station.

Video door phone can be used for single house, villa, multi floor apartment and societies.

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LPG GAS Detector

The LPG GAS detector system helps you to upgrade your safety standards, comply statutory, requirements on environmental commitments and most important and basic function being prevent accidents and protect life and property from disaster.

This GAS detection and alarming equipment is very easy to install and provides an immediate alert of the gas leakage and works on battery so there is no dependability on power source.

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Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are very common to suppress and control the fire. The fire extinguishers are mandatory for all types of residential and commercial establishment which can prevent fire and reduce the losses whenever required.

Fire extinguishers come in cylinder type of packaging and different types of filled materials according to the nature of fire

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