Biometric Scanners

Scanning of human biometrics for identification is became very popular technology of this century. Biometric scanner reads the biological data, decodes it in the computer language and keeps the record of the same for future uses.

Biometric scanners being used in many applications related to human identity and record keeping of the identification data. Govt. is suing biometric scanners for entering the citizens biometric information in the the common database, private firms use it for security & other identification applications.

Biometric scanners are in use at a very large scale in India, there fingerprint scanners which reads the fingerprint biology for data recording & identifications, palm reads for reading the palm geometry related biometric data, face reader to record the face geometry and iris reader for unique iris identifications. All the type of biometric devices work on one common principle of unique biological characteristics of humans.


Fingerprint Scanner

Every fingerprint pattern is different and the fingerprint scanner or reader analyzes the aggregate characteristics of ridges and minutia points on finger surface which are in unique pattern. Every reader is made to read the different type of fingerprint patterns of human fingers for people identity.

These fingerprint scanners are used in applications like Govt. biometric data recording projects, personal record keeping of employees by private firms and agencies etc.

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PC Login Fingerprint Reader

Biometric scanners and reader find applications in many areas of industry and society. Information technology departments are also using the fingerprint readers for computer security. The fingerprint scans the finger for secure login of the computer. This is very easily done through the fingerprint device attached to the computer through USB interface.

The fingerprint PC login reader or scanner is the important tool for security of pc login authentication and passwords. Threats are minimized and removing of fingerprint USB reader or scanner does not provide any relief to the computer threats.

The PC can only be login with the scanning of right fingerprint. Fingerprint is entered in to the system with the help of software installed in users’ computer at the time of first time attaching of the device.

For more information about PC login solutions and requirements contact our team of experts.

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IRIS Scanner

Iris scanner is one of the biometric readers which read the unique characteristics of human iris for recording and identification.

Every human iris is unique and its visible structure can be stored in the machine or computer database to match it for the identification of the same human.

This is done by taking digital information of iris scanner and creates the encrypted digital template and due to the encryption this template cannot be reproduced or duplicated which provide very high degree of security against threats, fraud etc.

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