Access Control System

Security of premises through intelligent electronic security systems are today’s one of the mandatory requirements. Every business, secure premises or home requires certain techniques of locking and unlocking the physical access points. Access control system is the solution for all types of entry & exit related control and it collects the information about the access with time and other details. Intelligent access control system tracks every entry to your secure places and provides you instant information. The door access control system installed in your office can grant access, restricts access to card or person with conditions of access. Smart access control system have the features of cctv integration, recording of all types of events, integration with fire alarm system from safety point of view and can also be integrated with building management system .


Standalone Access Control System

Standalone means one door one set of device and direct connectivity of the device with LAN or computer. The access control system can be implemented standalone on every door and all the devices can be connected with one common software for receiving commands, downloading the access logs and creating reports on the received data for day, week or months. If failure occurs, every door is independently connected to set of devices for access control so the dependency on the system gets reduced due to separate hardware.

Risk is minimized in standalone access control system by limiting the access to particular door only. Small premises with less no. of doors can use this type of access control system. This will give the high performance in very less cost of the system.

There are certain advantages of implementing an electronic access control system for your premises: • Only authorized person can enter the premises • Physical security is maximized this way • Deployment of physical security manpower can be minimized • Smart cards or other types of tags can be used which makes the system more user friendly • Biometrics reduces the cost and improve the security with the use of unique identification technology of fingerprints, face, palm & iris etc. • Information of access to every point is saved in the devices & transferred to software database • If the door is opened over the given limit, automatic alarms can be generated for better security • Sensitive area can be put under intelligent access control system and multi tier identification for more security • If employee or visitor leaves, premises access to that user can be discarded through software only • The access control system installed at multiple different locations can be managed from one place and reports can be generated • Access control system provides the secure & safe work environment with restriction to the main door of your premise • The access control system not only serves the locking & unlocking doors but it can also be used in other applications like physical access control through turnstiles, flap barriers, parking access control for vehicles etc. • The access control system can also be used for getting the employee attendance with the addition of attendance MIS software • Same access control system cards can be used in multiple applications within one premises e.g. parking access control, door access control, time attendance system, limited access to office printer access, limited access to tea coffee vending machines & elevator access control system etc.

Distributed Access Control System

Distributed access control system is suitable for small, medium and large establishments with added benefits and features. Main control panel with networked devices and accessories are connected through cable in this type of access control system. All the controlled points like doors are connected to one centralized machine which is the main controller of the system and has the memory, network card etc. for complete operation. This type of access control system has been developed in different types and sizes like 2 doors, 4 doors, 8 doors & 16 doors etc. Distributed type of access control system have some advantages over others. It uses the single network link per controller or multiple controllers can be connected in star topology and one network point can access all of them in one software. This saves the cost of the system and makes the installation simple.

There are some of important security features available in distributed type of access control system: • Networked System with single location or multi- location design • Anti-Passback- Local & Global Anti-Passback • Door Interlocking for More Secure places or clean room applications • Duress Finger or Card- Used In Case of Forced Access Scenario • Access Time Zones • Deny List to Restrict The Access • Access Levels Programming • Facility Code Restrictions • IO Boxes for elimination of door from main controller in case of failure • Sharing of panel loads for fail secure function • Multiple types of reader technologies can be integrated • Programmed smart card readers and cards implementation • Integration capability with other devices and software • Compatibility with existing IT infrastructure

Access Control Barrier

Electronic barriers are widely used these days which reduces the physical manpower requirement and increase the speed of entry exit process. The access control barrier is the point which is equipped with electronic intelligent devices which read small range or long range access tags, cards etc.

Barriers are available in different size and shapes and can be chosen according to the requirement of the structure or design of the establishment. Most common types of physical access control barriers are turnstile, tripod, flap barrier and boom barriers. A barrier can also be used for granting access to authorized vehicles. Controlling vehicles access may be used in parking management and similar other applications.

We offer automatic parking slip generation and barrier system which is developed for complete automation of parking management system.

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Electronic Locks (Electromechanical)

Electronic locks have replaced the mechanical locks smartly. Electronic keep the access information and identify the person though card or biometrics. The card or biometrics information can be entered using the same lock. These locks very similar to the handle locks in shape, size and mechanism. The difference is the attached intelligent circuit and the card or biometric reader for identification.

These standalone type of electronic locks are widely used in hotels, laboratories and other secure and safe applications. A card electronic lock provides access by taking the card in read range (6-8 mm) of the lock.

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Secure Safe

Securing valuable assets by conventional methods is no more effective in today’s environment while there are no. of threats and techniques available to crack the security.

Security of your valuables will be achieved by smart electronic safe and the access control system attached to it.

Access control device integrated with a metal safe provides a very high degree of security and assurance. The access control part also makes it more user friendly as it can be accessed and opened easily by authorized persons.

Electronic safe is smartly designed for secure mounting which cannot be removed or displaced with human efforts. Smart safe can also generate alarms on receiving the threats and keeps you alert about your valuables.

Smart safes are available in many shape size and colours to fit your requirement. We also offer customized safe designs which are available for special environments and security needs.

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